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High Fives


The voice of the community is a

great way to positively affect change. Feeding and uplifting communities

is at the forefront of our mission. 


Food can offer so much more than nutrition. Many of us have gotten away from the true meaning and power of food. Cooking a meal at home and sharing it with your loved ones offers so much more than eating in your car or alone. Our choices of what to eat has a much deeper connection to community and culture and even our economy than we think. Cooking is about transforming what we receive from nature into culture.


To understand culture helps us not only to further explore ourselves but affords us the opportunity to better communicate and connect deeper with other cultures. We work to get food to those in need, to help cultivate skills for self care and confidence and to strengthen communication and collaboration with other cultures.  

Cooking to Connect

Father and Son Fishing

Cooking to Communicate 

Dinner Smile

Cooking to 

Children's Cooking Class
Preparing Jams


All donations are used towards helping to cultivate cooking skills through cooking classes and instruction, provide cooked food for the hungry and families in need, and to coordinate community events to build stronger connections.  

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