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 Miguel Global

Flavors of Change Foundation was founded by Entrepreneur, Author and Chef, Miguel Global. During covid, he would share photos of the dishes he prepared for his family on social media, and eventually many requests followed to share how he made them. Soon after, he decided to publish a cookbook as a passion project with hopes of sharing a few of his favorite homemade recipes with friends, family and his social following. He felt he could offer some inspiration for others to cook during a difficult time and to bring families closer. Though entrepreneurialwriting a cookbook was never in his plans and Miguel not only had a successful book launch, but his cookbook, entitled, "He's Got Flavor," quickly became a best seller and his following sky rocketed to over 1 million in less than a year.    


His passion not only for cooking but also for his strong social community inspired him to create the Flavors of Change Foundation. Though his cooking talents have been requested all over the world, his true passions are with people and building stronger connections. Flavors of Change was established with a focus on feeding families and helping to cultivate skills. Cooking at home allows you to make sustainable choices at every step of the process and it brings families closer together. The foundation is committed to strengthen the community as a whole through food service, education and fellowship. 


Miguel credits his passion for cooking to his grandmother. Although they didn't have much growing up, he praises her for always making sure he had a warm meal. Miguel's philosophy is "Food is love, and cooking has a powerful way of transforming relationships and bringing people closer." 

FOOD  IS ......... LOVE.

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